Wierd problem

Zup fellow kirupians got a little problem here.

Im making a CD based presentation yet again, but this time im using mov files for my animations which will be controlled via flash buttons.

Im loading the mov files into the projector because for some weird memory problem flash wont create the projector file with all 12 mov files embedded. These are some 3d animations i created in maya and composited in combustion into mov fiels thanks to our good friend soulty ;).

The problem im having is that every time i load the fourth mov file into the projector flash acts weird and the animation is wrong its as if the mov is going backwards and the forwards and then plays normally i get this same problem everytime i play the fourth movie loaded its not the mov files its something flash is doing. Is it better to use the attach movie option or what thats going to be my next try. Suggestions are welcomed i need to finish this project asap so i can use all the help i ca get thanks fellas . :wink: :thumb: :beam: