Window pop-up properties

Hello everyone,

I have a little question.Is there a way to control the properties of a window that pops up after the user clicks on your hyperlink (I am not talking about the position in the current page ,or frame like _blank etc) It is supposed to open in a new window.Properties like window size, show or hide toolbar,statusbar,size,position in screen.On balance I want to use that on image hyperlinks.I would appreciate any help.

Hey Coilworks,
I have created an example of what you may be trying to do:

Basically, visit the following URL ( and copy the code from the text box and paste it in your HTML page. In your URL settings, add the following code:


The example URL I posted should help you as well! The tutorial page contains information on customizing the new window such as toolbars, etc. Tell me if you have any problems solving creating the desired effect.

Thank you very much Kirupa.You see,I knew about the javascript part,but due to my incomplete knowledge,I didn’t know how to use it for my links (create the reference).Thanks again.

** Edit**:Sorry to bother again,but I wonder if there is the possibility of assigning different pop-up window properties for each hyperlink.In fact,the hyperlinks (I want to use) as I mentioned are thumbnails, linking to images.So ,what I really want,is when the user presses the hyperlink,the new window opens with the properties I want,except for the size,which is going to be the same with the image’s size.I hope you understood what I want (my English don’t quite help…).

Hey coilworks,
Sorry for the delay in responding. I did not notice your edit to the post. If you do not have too many thumbnails, you can simply re-copy the JavaScript code and modify the properties for each image. Simply rename your actual javascript code that you copy to something other than ‘Launch’