Windows Administrator Password

There’s nothing like switching on your desktop you haven’t used in a week or so, and finding out somehow there’s a Backdoor Trojan Agent B on it! :thumb:

So I looked for removal instructions on this laptop here and followed them (Symantec), but I had to restart in Safe Mode what made me conscious of the fact there’s an administrator account and password on this pc, and I don’t know it :ne:

I always logged on with the (I though only) account under my name. Apparently, there’s another administrator account to which I don’t even know the password :smirk:

Anyone else had this or know what do to about it?

The typical pass is “admin”

I’ve always heard fire was a good way to destroy viruses.

haha fester :hugegrin:

I’d try admin and 1234, 1234 is coomon with some router brands, so possible here but unlikely…

Neither “admin” nor “1234” worked. I tried admin before :slight_smile:

And lol @ Fester…that’ll be the final solution :bad:

My friends pute has the BA version and have the same issue. My advice re install windows from a clean disk!!!

Windows lesson #1: Always disable the guest and administrator accounts…

But the problem is the administrator account doesn’t even show up in the User Account panel thingeling. It only shows up when I boot in safe mode :huh:

Go to computer management in the control panel then click local users and groups. it should be there. The user accounts applet in the control panel is worthless.

Okay, I’m switching my desktop on now so it should be on in like half an hour or something :frowning: :wink:

I’ll try that then, thanks.

I get it too, if your account has administrative properties, it’s the same deal. Even better, when you log in into your account, change the password on the Administrator account.

If you’ve got Win XP, and your the only user, you are the administrator! Not sure about 2000 or NT though.

The most annoying thing I found when setting up accounts is that Visual Studio .Net gives you about 6 more useless accounts…