Windows XP Questions

Under Windows, theres bunch of these random folders, I’m just wondering if anyone else has these folders and are they safe to delete. :frowning:


Sure, go for it. I just don’t know if Windows will exactly let you.

I’m scared…:-\

Dude, their in your WINDOWS folder…

Dont touch a thing…!

delete that C:\ file too. You dont need that =)

Yeah true… just go to DOS, and type FDISC while your at it… who needs anything anyway!

Try this cool little trick I know in DOS:

Open a Run Window (…:sigh:Start -> Run)
Type cmd
Then in the command window, type “prompt A virus has taken over your computer!!!” (without the quotes).

Have fun!

[size=1]Type “prompt $p$g” to un-freak you out[/size]

Lol, I can’t afford to screw things up on XP, I’ve got too many things saved, such as my kirupa password, I have no idea what it is and it’s saved in my cookies and I’m gonna leave it there.

PS. Anyone else have this?

why dont you just change it to something new that you can remember? I assume you can do that once you’re signed in?

EDIT: ok, scrap that idea :beam:

Hey, I just deleted a few folders looked something like that low quality snapshot you had there. Everything seems to work as it should…:stuck_out_tongue: haha, Microsoft I scoff at your…


yeah i have all those files too…

there supposed to be hidden, but of course i have that feature turned off.

i don’t see any harm in deleting them…you can delete just about anything you want in windows and it won’t hurt anything (to my knowledge). anything important that you delete will automatically be regenerated from the I386 files.

i’m not going to delete these files (they seem to be the uninstall files) because i like being able to uninstall my programs w/o having to do it manually.


I have them as well, looks like it’s a common XP thing.

I’ve got them in w2k - I think they’re Windows Update files (be they temporary or otherwise) - are they actually taking up much space? Can’t see the problem with leaving them as they are :stuck_out_tongue:

Eehm, those look like Uninstall information. If they are what I think they are they shouldn’t be messed with. Rule number one: if it works, DON’T TOUCH IT ! Believe me, I have enough experience to know …

Well, I don’t care about uninstalling that much because I really do use every single program I have on my computer right now. I’ve just deleted them all, nothing has screwed up yet, but I’m kind of scared to restart. :frowning:


Those files are generated when you install a windows update, or install a new service pack. They are backout files, incase your computer freaks out after applying a Microsoft patch. (What are the chances of that happening… :sure: ) If you are Positive you do not want to back out of any service packs and/or windows updates they are pretty safe to delete. However if they are not taking up too much space there is no harm in leaving them alone.


Thanks, but too late, :thumb:

I guess if you’re able to post on here, then nothing too catastrophic has occurred. :slight_smile:

Lol, I just restarted too, everything went as usual, stupid Microsoft. :stuck_out_tongue:


When you install the Service Packs it gives you an option not to backup any files. If you check the box then you would not have these backup files in the first place. Of course then you would be unable to back out of the install without reinstalling the OS… =)