Winter is coming. Snow tutorial need an update?

Im thinking yes

Biggest issue… snowfall not self contained. A lot of the questions about the snow is that it continues across scenes or they cant control elements that are to be above it as well as below or something to that effect.

Simplest solution is structuring the code so it will work in a movieclip and not off of root. I dont know offhand how its set up, but it shouldnt be hard (I remember there being a _root reference or two that should be set to this or this._parent etc).

That and maybe a few other simple additions to answer common snow questions… the snow to bubbles question can easily be answered with “turn it upside down” when its contained in a clip as well.

just a thought :wink:

ok I need to get back to work.

Getting it to work in a clip is simple, you can put everything inside the clip and change the _root in the code and voila.

Great Idea Sen. It definitely should be done, I remember all the questions last year about that :hangover:

I agree sen! I’ll get to work on the updated version soon :ogre:

Hey everyone!
I think I have revised the tutorial to the way you all like it: The effect is contained in its own cute little movie clip, and I figured I’d make it so that the snow’s direction changes depending upon where the movie clip is. The tutorial is not finished yet - I have to explain the code, but that should be done tomorrow :be:

Kirupa :alien:

EDIT: I’ll provide FLAs for FMX also.

EDIT2: Sen - since the snow’s direction changes according to the “wind”, I felt the waving effect would be unnecessary. If you think that effect would be neat, I could add that one line of code you mentioned in your above post.

Nice effect, but onClipEvent (load)?? onClipEvent (enterFrame)??? :bad:

*Originally posted by Ilyas da Pom *
**Nice effect, but onClipEvent (load)?? onClipEvent (enterFrame)??? :bad: **
You got a problem with movie event handlers?


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**You got a problem with movie event handlers?

:bad: **

I still use them in mx2004


I would use the more OOPed MX2004 AS2 language, but I tend to go back to regular AS1. I feel more comfortable with it.

Sure, but we’re talking dynamic handlers here, not Advanced OOP :stuck_out_tongue:

what if they don’t need to be dynamic? :-\ Why not. It saves the trouble of needing an instance name and if the clip/button is deleted, the code goes with it (preventing you to have to find and dispose of it manually)

All right, you win, handlers don’t HAVE to be dynamic all the time :slight_smile: But I still think that in the current situation, dynamic handlers would be better :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by Ilyas da Pom *
**But I still think that in the current situation, dynamic handlers would be better :slight_smile: **

yeah yeah yeah :sure:


And my dad said that they were better, and if my dad says it’s so, then it is, because my dad’s always right, and he can beat the hell out of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:sen: => :skull:

Oh boy, I need some vacation… :frowning: