Winter is coming. Snow tutorial need an update?

Im thinking yes

Biggest issue… snowfall not self contained. A lot of the questions about the snow is that it continues across scenes or they cant control elements that are to be above it as well as below or something to that effect.

Simplest solution is structuring the code so it will work in a movieclip and not off of root. I dont know offhand how its set up, but it shouldnt be hard (I remember there being a _root reference or two that should be set to this or this._parent etc).

That and maybe a few other simple additions to answer common snow questions… the snow to bubbles question can easily be answered with “turn it upside down” when its contained in a clip as well.

just a thought :wink:

ok I need to get back to work.

gah! Sorry, with finals, I haven’t had time to do anything but study. I’ll definitely try to have it fixed on Wednesday - last day of classes :beam:

EDIT: I replaced the _root. with this in the duplicateMovie action. The effect loading in a movie clip would be better, so I’ll have it revised shortly.

awesome :wink:

you’re a trooper kirupa!