WinXP SP2 to Block Pop-ups in IE

Microsoft plans to add pop-up blocking features to Internet Explorer next year as part of its Service Pack 2 update for Windows XP, a move that would go far toward stamping out the Web advertisements.

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bout Damm time!!!.

Those thiefs. Take Netscape 4 exsample. It’s perfect, it doesn’t freeze your whole pc when the site doesn’t exsite. then give’s after a half a min a 404 failt. And it allready has a build in pop-up stopper.

I had to download one off twocows for IE. I hate Microsoft.

I use the google toolbar which blocks popups for IE (and gives me quick access to a google search dialog … and highlights text in a page… and has page rank… and allows going up a directory in sites… its bliss =) )

all the time!
you tried the new thing i posted for the taskbar? not bad either…

Wow, so microsoft actually want to help us !?
i bet the new IE will be set-up so that we’ll get an endless stream of ads that are made by companies in connection or with microsoft.