WIP - Monji Proposal

This is the first version. Somebody already showed it to him and he said he didn’t care much for it. They said he liked his old version better http://monjient.com but they of course didn’t explain in detail on how it would work finished.

Things to note:

  1. The folded corner will change, it’s just temp.
  2. The site will increase in width.
  3. It will be all flash, with streaming video and a lot of sex.
  4. I should be getting a higher quality logo and will have it larger than it is now.
  5. Fonts are subject to change. (BTW if anyone knows the 2 exact fonts in the logo, I love you? Thanks)
  6. The empty space on the top is for the menus, so don’t worry about that either.
  7. The preloader on the bottom won’t be there, it will be centered and the first thing you see.

After that, I tried a redesign and this is what I have:

This would be the portfolio page, and the right is a scrollable galley type thing that would open up the full size where the content is.

The bottom is an in-progress shot of the preloader.

The top of the site will have some more links pop up. The tabs on the left may also get a face-lift. The content layout is subject to change as well.

*Note both of these will all be in flash.

The old site is: http://monjient.com

Thanks for any input in advanced.