Wipe effect between loaded jpg's in gallery

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]Hi,

Please take a look here:


[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]Click on the first and second thumbnail a few times so that everything is loaded (I didn’t use preloaders etc for now).

Notice the wipe when you click the thumbnail? I spent already a long time to create this :slight_smile:

But now I want it to wipe out if you click another button, then wipe in again to show that new image etc… (like it is now, you have a white flash, really annoying).

Here’s my code that is on frame 1 of the timeline (I only have 1 frame in the timeline)[/size][/font]
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 _root.navi.vol01.onRelease = function() { 
wiper._width = 1188;
wiper.endwidth = 10;
_root.navi.vol02.onRelease = function() {
wiper._width = 1188;
wiper.endwidth = 10;

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]

‘navi’ is the MC with all the buttons in it. ‘vol01’ and ‘vol02’ are instance names of the first two buttons. ‘container’ is an empty movieclip. ‘wiper’ is a white MC of which I change the width with actionscript = wiping effect.

For now I load .swf files instead of jpg’s, because when I put (“pic_01.jpg”) instead of (“pic_01.swf”), it doesn’t work. Any help on this matter is also greatly appreciated. (edit: I found it, my jpgs were progressive…)

So basically what I want when the first pic is shown and you click on thumbnail2:
-wipe out image currently displayed
-load new image (pic_02)
-AFTER new image is fully loaded, wipe in to show this image
and so on

What would be cool also is the following:
when you click button 2, load image 2 while image 1 is still displayed. When loading is finished, a white line goes from left to right, wiping out image 1 and at the same time wiping in image2.

Golden tips to achieve these kind of effects in actionscript newbie language are very welcome :slight_smile:

Note that there will be 4 of these galleries with ±80 thumbnails each…

I read the transitions between external swf’s tutorial, but I want to load a bunch of jpg’s, and not make 4*80 swf’s with each only 1 jpg in it…

kind regards,