Wireless Network

Is there a way I can see a list of all the computers or users connected to my Access point or network. I don’t think anyone is on it, but I am paranoid and I just would like to know if there is a way of checking.


Well the quickest answer would be yes, I’M ON YOUR NETWORK! HAHAHAH…

Ask Bombingpixels, he’s pretty serious about his wireless network.

Oh and also, if you have a password, then there’s less of a chance.

Well I have MAC address security and WEP 128bit key…but again my paranoia is still greater than either of those two things.

MACs are extremely hard to fake… the chances of someone faking a MAC adress are very low.

One way of doing it would be to loop over all the IPs in your subnet, pinging them, and checking the output… I would provide a sample script, but it’d have to be C or windows shell script, one of which, © would be hard to code, and I don’t know windows shell.

I don’t no either either…I guess its no big deal, I just wanted to know.

I know MACs are almost impossible to fake…thats why I didn’t have WEP for a long time but then I decided to that you can never be to safe.

are you using a router?

you should be able to go to the router configuration and see who is connected there, as well as specify what MAC addresses are allowed to connect

Well I had the MAC already set up and I think I found the list of connected MACs and IPs on the router