Wish of Good Luck!

Hi Kirupa,
I wish you good luck on your book, if you are as experienced of a helper as you were for Flash for me and others I am sure your book will be a very succesfull reference and teaching tool for any kind of web developers or gonna be web developers!

Good Bye and Good Luck!

Hey dan,
Thanks a lot. My book is very similar to the tutorials found on my site. I even provided partial HTML files for the reader to work on! I really appreciate it =)


Hey Kirupa,
I haven’t purchased Frontpage 2002 yet but once I do don’t worry your book will be the first one I buy! I wish I could write a book, but I have trouble writing 10 pages without going off subject or repeating paragraphs twice.

hi kirupa,
just wondering how the sales of your book are doing? i hope there doing well… and another thing, does your book plug you site… cos if i wrote a book, id always refer to my site… just mindless thorts


Hey tdf,
I do refer to my site a lot. A lot of the corrections and source files to download come directly from my site :slight_smile:


how about the sales… good or bad??

Sales are great =)


well good for you, youve achieved something which most people will never do, write a book!

thanks :slight_smile: