With Actionscript can I

Put a bit of Actionscript code in a move so that when the movie hits a certian frame, I can modify the FPS of the movie? and after the section fininshes playing I can adjust it back to what it was. I tried looking though the AS commands, to no prevail. I am sure it is something simple I am missing. =)\r\rThanx,\r-Niann

i’m afraid you can’t modify the frame rate after publishing.\r\rc’est la vie. maybe in 6.

Ok, how about this… I have a movie set at 12 FPS, I have a seperate movie clip I am adding to the main movie. The clip was made (and looks best at) 24 FPS. When I embed it though it slows down to 12 FPS. Is there anyway for the embedded clip to keep its frame rate while in a slower movie? If not I suppose I can go back and modify the origanal movie to run at 24FPS but I would rather not. =)\r\rCheers!\r-Niann

No way!\rThis has been asked before, and the suggested solution (only thing i could think of but still haven’t tried so far!) would be to replace the _rot level, ie your original movie, when loading the new one, means loading it into _root, and at the end of that, re-load the original back in?!\rLet me/us know if you try and it works…