Without your help, i will be insane in 20mins

I have a next button .

the button has this AS attached:

on (release) {

the movie clip “letters” is a series of single frames each with a ‘Stop’ and some text.

This allows me to scroll through my text using the next button (I also have a previous button).

What I want to do now is bring some pictures into the movie at certain points (but I dont want to add the pictures to “letters” because that movie clip is just for text).

I want to be able to call the pictures from the different frames within “letters”.

I have created a similar movie clip as ‘letters’ called ‘pictures’ which contains each of the pictures i want to bring into the movie.

HOW do i call ‘pictures’ from ‘letters’, they are both movie clips inside a bigger main movie clip called main.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sorry been doing this for 2 hours and havent got anywhere. I know its going to be such a simple bit of action script.

Attached is my fla file. Within the main movie (main) there is a row called texts, and on that row is the movie “letters”

On the second frame of the letter movie clip is where im thinking we need some action script to call the new picture.

PLLEEASEE HELP before i go completely insane. :slight_smile:

Fla attached… sorry its a meg (big pics)



Why did no one tell me in my £1000 flash training that if you wanna look at the root you need an underscore before the word root.

AURGH hehe fixed it now.

_root. yippe.

Please ignore my insanity.