Wmv + outlook

Hi, guys,

A friend o mine received a e-mail with a video (wmv format) , that started playing in outlook, right after he opened the message. The video was uploaded on a server, I tried to do the same thimg but outlook would not play the video. Does anyone have any idea how it is done, I have been searching around but did not find anything.


Using “Media Player” with “Outlook” is a right thing.


Edit the HTML code of your letter and then send it. But I doubt it, that an e-mail program lets edit the source of your letter. :smiley:

Thanks for the atention,

This code in the page you linked, is pretty much what i am using. It works very well if you wanna see the video on a browser, but I need it to autoplay in outlook, and the activeX keeps getting blocked

I know it is possible to do it, I am just not sure how.