Wondering about embed

You know, in the other thread, I was trying to embed a swf, and it was refused.
So I though, I just upload it and provide the link instead. I did, and to test, just typed mysite.com/myswf.swf into the browser …and then I started wondering…why the hell do you need to use (DO you?) the embed tag, if you can just as well link directly to a swf, instead of a html page…
Just make one index.html, and then link on your MyMovieSiteFlashWhatever.swf with all the content in it…
thinking…why shouldn’t it work? And it’s fullscreen, no scroll, no nothing, just Flash!
( eyezberg.free.fr/projets/babyPoser.swf )

Hey eyezberg,
Good point. This is the easiest method of posting animations. I use this method on boards that don’t support any Flash embed at all!

No, what I mean is, why bother to make more than your index.html, if you can just link to a swf with all your site in it from there?! Not only for message boards, but to put up a whole site…Just warning people on the homepage they’ll need the plug to see the rest and then link to the swf?

More control over specific window size and possitioning options. In the old days of flash 4, you couldn’t do many of the same tricks you could today. I think people are just still used to the old manner… My homepage only has one html associated with it… just the index page.

And some versions of Netscape and IE often download the SWF file instead of playing it in the browser…