Wondering about Movie Clips, and stop()

Movie clips will loop no matter what, unless there’s a stop() action in the script. So…

When I’ve created a 1 frame movie clip, I always place a stop action in that frame, because I’ve just assumed that flash doesn’t care that it only has one frame, and keeps looping it. I know it does no harm, but I figure reducing loops is never a bad thing.

But I’ve noticed in Open Source files, other movie clips that only have one frame, the author didn’t add a stop command.

Does Flash not loop movie clips with 1 frame (if it has 2 or more it will), or do other people just not consider it?

nope you’re correct… It will loop them, and if you have the option, you’re probebly better off placing a stop(); action there if you don’t need the clip to loop. It will reduce processor requirements upon the viewers system.

I think that most programers are lazy if I’m any indication and just end up leaving the stop out of their production.

Good thing to mention… not many think of that.

when you attach your swf file to your html page, can’t you just put “loop=false” in your embed tag?

That will stop the swf from looping, but not a 1 framed movie clip.

Say I want a button to move around the screen, I put that in a clip, and it’s only 1 frame long. So I add stop() to it, so it doesn’t loop. Other clips I may want to loop, like a series of animations or something, so I don’t include the stop() command.

Glad that my train of thought is not all whacked on me. :slight_smile: