Won't load in Internet Explorer

My home page is flash (of course).
This masterpiece is sitting on a unix server at http://www.27.14daystrial.co.uk/
But why won’t it show in Internet Explorer?
It seems to start downloading then halts, but weird thing is, it works ok in Opera, Netscape, Mozilla.

There’s a bit of javascript in the htm which I’ve tried missing it out but it makes no difference.
Must be something dumb? Me?
Would be grateful for any ideas - I’m baffled.

Ah think I’ve fixed it.
No idea what it was.
Sometimes it’s just easier to start again!

My internet explorer acts funny sometimes too…

No real reason, all of a sudden it works again… :-\


[size=1]don’t we all just LOVE microsoft? :smirk:


Hey, I love Internet Explorer no matter how crappy Microsoft is.

Try learning how to code javascript in Netscape, you will probably end up committing suicide first. Coding in IE, is SOOO much easier than in Netscape. Even basic HTML tags, not all of them work in Netscape, so you always have to out of your way to find a way to make it work for both. It drives me nuts, so naturally I am more attune to coding in IE than Netscape. Since to get functions to work properly in each, depending on what you are doing you will have to write one set of functions for IE and another for Netscape, then use an if statement to determine the browser and choose the functions, it is a PAIN!

I am a Windows XP user that loves the OS and IE…IF YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT YOU CAN JUST SHUT UP!!!

HEHEH, that was actually kind of fun:P Of course that is just my opinion, everyone prefers certain os systems over others and prefers certain browsers over others. Mine just happen to be made by the evilest company in existence:)

Ok, now out of that tangent, sorry to spam. Have a nice day=)

PS: No I was not brutally (? usage) expressing my opinion, I just have a lot of pent up frustration right now and I don’t usually blow up that much on the board, so I figured I would give it a try. Very fun indeed, but I don’t think I will do it often (if at all).

[size=1]haha np - i understand my son :elderly:

I’m actually a certified systems guy with microsoft, so i can’t bash
'em too much.

I agree, coding sux! oh wait…you mean ACTUAL coding? uhhh…
no i don’t do that either. back you fiend! i’m afraid of coding…
[shivers with fright]

nutscrape, OH! i mean umm…NETscape needs to just give it up.
But with AOL’s new deal with them, that’s not gonna happen. In
all actuality, we, as designers, are gonna have to start paying
more attention to it as the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of AOL users
slide over to the new version which runs netscape instead of IE.



Yeah, it sucks that AOL switched to Netscape. Making the worlds worst ISP even worse :evil:

My current site says “IE ONLY, NO NETSCAPE!” because Netscape blows and it won’t work in it. I tend to not care about the AOL users that view my particular site though, but when you build someone elses site you have to keep EVERYONE in mine, which kind of sucks sometimes.

OOO Microsoft Certified =) I passed all 4 semesters of the Cisco Networking course, I am supposed to take my CCNA test but I can never find a ride to a testing place. Not having a car and living in the middle of nothing totally sucks. Well I live in a city, but in my particular area there is nothing interesting.

Coding is fun, it takes a lot of patience sometimes though :-\ (DHTML is a pain somtimes, but it is very close to AS, so I am getting it slowly as I learn AS)

Don’t like to contradict you but…
My site only works at present in browsers other than IE!
I’m using an elaborate bit of javascript to force my framesets (so a search engine which finds my main page will dig out the corresponding navigation frame on the left). Look at it in Netscape or any browser other than IE (not the home page - that has no frames) and you’ll see the flash buttons. In IE the frame loads but the flash doesn’t. I can only assume that IE is tripped up by the javascript.
Bit exasperating - 'cause I spent hours on it.
Must admit I didn’t fully understand the javascript and took a rather cut & paste approach. Maybe you could make more sense of it.
I’m now considering redesigning the whole navigation scheme.

I agree about XP. It’s a considerable improvement. I’ve delved briefly into KPE linux operating system - you have to work harder and learn more to get results - but I guess, once you have, it’s very rewarding. But it’s goodbye to all your favourite windows programs.

And furthermore…
Took a look at your cool site LostinBeta. Seems to work fine in Netscape 7 far as I can see. Maybe Netscape is all better now?
This new version launches much quicker than the last one (just as well, really) - even when you don’t have it running in the background.
But Netscape’s homepage viewed with a Netscape browser on Mandrake Linux OS is all cocked-up. If they can’t get it right, why should I worry?

Hmmm, very interesting about the navigation. There are some Netscape specific Javascripts because certain things are executed in Netscape differently in IE, that could be the problem. Can you tell me where you got the code from? Or send me a link to your page that is causing the problem?

And it is definitely a shocker that my site works in Netscape 7. I never upgraded to 7 because everyone told me it wasn’t worth the upgrade. May I ask your honest opinion on the upgrade (I currently run 6.2) and if I should update?

http://tech.irt.org/articles/js190/ covers the script I used. I think it’s been worked on a bit since I last looked, so I need to examine it again.
http://www.27.14daystrial.co.uk/pennymachines.htm?archive.htm&archive1.htm is one of my pages which demonstrates the script in action - or not - in the case of IE.

Netscape is not the browser I use by choice - partly because of unfamiliarity - and I don’t have time to tweak more than one to my preferences. But I think the latest version is worth downloading for testing purposes at least (it didn’t take long - even with my crap connection) and as I said, it fires-up a darn sight faster than before. I uninstalled the previous version first.
What was/wasn’t it doing on your site?

I will check out that code later. I did check out your site and you are right about the IE thing, and I quickly looked at the site with the tutorial, and their examples seemed to work for me. Maybe they did fix the code.

Anyways, in Netscape 6.2 my site doesn’t work in a way that the links won’t scroll to the correct x,y coordinate so sometimes when you click a link the navbar will completely disappear, then the window with the content will show half of one section and half of another and things like that. I didn’t feel like finding out how to fix it in Netscape so it was just easier for me to slap a no netscape notice on my site.

I think I will download NS7 today, I don’t much like 6.2 (it does take like 5 minutes to load up).

Got that frame force script working now.

Having tested with IE. Netscape, Mozilla and Opera, I reckon Microsoft have a bit of catching-up to do.

1: the roll-over doors on my museum page http://www.27.14daystrial.co.uk/pennymachines.htm?museum.htm&museum1.htm which is a bit of a mouth-full for any browser, are nice and responsive - except in IE.

2: heavy pages download more logically in Netscape etc., filling-in sequentially from top to bottom, whereas IE waits until the whole lot is downloaded before displaying anything. Why?

3: I’ve found IE to be least tolerant of my javascripting - stuff that worked fine in the other browsers won’t do in IE.

I got NS7 the other day and my site still does not work.

  1. I checked your source code and no wonder your mouseOvers are all wacky. Do you even understand any of the code that DW automatically puts into your file?

  2. IE loads sequencially, it is the preload script on your page that is making it wait until everything is loaded. Your preload script has an onload function that has to wait until all the images are preloaded before everything is displayed.

  3. IE is the most tolerant of Javascripting. It is Netscape that has much catching up to do. If you ever tried to learn Javascript, you will see what I mean. You always have to create a whole new function and use an if statement to test if the browser is IE or Netscape and have that if statement choose which function to use because Netscape only supports about half the things IE does. Not to mention Netscape makes things difficult by creating their own browser only tags.

Sorry I was too upbeat about Netscape - looking again at your site, I see what you mean about the navbar not showing.

Well, frankly you’re right - I don’t understand much javascript. As I said, I used a cut and paste approach - trying to understand enough to get by. An early decision to use flash navigation in a separate frame forced me to look for some script to load the navigation frame when the other frame was called-up from outside the frameset. This function, at least, works fine now in all the browsers I’ve tried (long as they’re not on a Linux platform).
Call me lazy - or slow, but if I have to learn in depth everything I need to get this site working, it won’t be ready before the next Milennium.

Thanks for the tip about the onload function. Presumably the other browsers are ignoring this.
I will try to learn some javascript - when I’ve tackled some other pressing issues…

Yeah, Netscape and IE can be a hassle when it comes to Javascript coding. It is just incredibly difficult to please them both 100%.

Not impossible, just difficult.

I recommend learning Javascript when you have a lot of free time, it takes a long time to learn (I am still learning).

For now, if everything works, then just leave it as it is until you know how to do it on your own.

As for the rollOver images, I have a way that is very simple to do, but also if you have many images it can get kind of lengthy (but still useful none the less and works in both IE and NS).

If you are interested in it, I can whip up an example with html comment tags and such to explain what it does, put it in a .zip file and upload it here.

Oh, btw - I think the DW coding on the mouse-overs is what I wanted. They ain’t ordinary mouse-overs. Each box has 2 swap-image fields designed to open and shut the boxes. I kept an eye on the coding for this reason. Think perhaps I should check the image numbers which I let DW assign automatically. But this message is straying too far from Flash.

HAHA, I don’t think it ever had to do with Flash. It had to do with Frames that housed your Flash movies.

Do you mind if I move this thread into the HTML/Javascript thread?

Hi Lostinbeta. Our messages crossed.
Yes, if you have a more elegant solution (I’m sure you do) I would appreciate that.
As mentioned - the idea was that on mouse-over the box opens and stays open, on mouse-over again, it closes.

good idea!