Working with (AI) Adobe Illustrator in Flash?

Basically what i have is a blueprint (floor plan) that i have vectored in illustrator with layers

I Imported the file to flash and it made a graphic symbol… when you open that it has all my layers as flash layers.

what i wanted to do was break apart the walls in the floor plan and have them come together through a tween…

First i converted the graphic symbol to a movie clip symbol

The problem i am having is this: When i make another key frame (say 20 frames later) it stays blank… so any movement i make won’t tween when i try to make it. It seems that the lines in illustrator work the same way as one in flash but it just wont let me fill a new keyframe

is this a common bug… or is there somethign im just missing.

it would be a really quick way to do my animation without retracing it in flash

thanks in advance.