Working with large XML files

I have to work with arather large XML file (about 25Mo).
From that XML file (which I CAN’T touch in any manner), I actually need only a couple attributes in each nodes.
Parsing the whole XML to load the data will (of course) lead to a “A script in this movie is causing Flash Player to run slowly…”
Ideally, I would like to browse the XML, only parsing data needed
(like you would do in a database…without having to load the whole database before :wink:
But I think this is not possible? Isn’t it?
So, I was wondering: why shouldn’t I treat it like a text file, reading it and taking only the info needed from the file?
The problem is that I don’t exactly see how to do :wink:
Following is a copy paste of the first node only…how would you do to read this text and put in an array:[COLOR=“DarkOrange”]name[/COLOR], [COLOR=“darkorange”]cloneof[/COLOR] and [COLOR=“darkorange”]description[/COLOR]?
Detecting the node name, checking that it exists(i.e 'cloneof" isn’t present in each node), and filling the array with the value
Thanks very, very much by advance!!!

<game [COLOR="DarkOrange"]name[/COLOR]=[COLOR="Red"]"puckmana"[/COLOR] sourcefile="pacman.c" [COLOR="darkorange"]cloneof[/COLOR]=[COLOR="red"]"puckman"[/COLOR] romof="puckman">
  <[COLOR="darkorange"]description[/COLOR]>[COLOR="red"]PuckMan (Japan set 2)[/COLOR]</description>
  <driver status="good" emulation="good" color="good" sound="good" graphic="good" palettesize="32"/>