Working with mask and text

ok I’m new in this program and maybe some of you could help me with this.

I create a scroll bar(not the one from the components) and a form with 4 spaces to write answers and some combo-box with two options in each one, the form is actually another swf file what I want is to see only the parts of the form that are inside a blue inner frame (smaller than the complete form), I though a mask would do it but when I add the mask I can see when I answer something, not even the options in the combo box answers, if I eliminate the mask I can see what I write in the form and the answer in the combo boxes alright but it doesn’t respect the boundaries of the frame, any ideas???

You should be able to mask comboboxes no mather what, if you use the components that is. If you make one yourself, you have to keep in mind that you have to embed all font outlines of a dynamic or input textbox (your comment-textbox too). You can do this by selecting your textbox, choosing “Character” and then “All characters”

seticus i just love your footer - it should definietly have been in the contest top 5 :beam:

Thanks, I didn’t made it for the contest. I just made it today, is that contest still going on?

nope. You can see the winners here

cdx… may I suggest u use the scroll pane component. I see u are already using the scrollbar… why not just use the scrollpane… it will save you a lot of trouble… :ninja: