Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, so I’ve had the same problem now for three months, and today my last attempt at solving it was brutally thwarted by the stupid coding problems within Flash.

My problem was (still is!!) that I have a big movie clip with a limited amount of space on my stage. So my first thought was to place this movie clip inside an instance of the scrollPane component. Unfortunately, my movie clip contains several instances of the comboBox component - which do not work if your movie clip is placed in the scrollPane component.

So, okay, fine. I figure there has to be some work around for this. I will simply create my own scroll bar. Scroll bars work great, unless your movie clip happens to contain comboBoxes. When you mask a movie clip that contains instances of the comboBox component, these instances do not work.

I have posted several questions regarding this problem during its myriad stages of development, and no one seems to know the answer. So I am now trying to give it one last try. God bless anybody who happens to know the answer to this problem and is willing to share their enlightened understanding.

No idea why this should work but it’s worth trying: Did you try to dynamically mask your clip? Sometimes it works better. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Just shooting in the dark…

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What is a dynamic mask, and how do I do it?

Im a bit confused. Im pretty sure that comboboxes will work inside of a scroll pane. How did you attempt this? What problems did you come up with?

Here’s a sample of a comboBox and input text box inside a scrollPane.

… and here’s a sample of a comboBox and input text box inside a masked movie clip.

I can’t look at your files right now, I don’t have Flash on this machine, but there’s a tute about dynamic masks on this site.

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