Working with multiple instances of a movieclip

I am working on a project which looks like a crossword puzzle. When you mouse over on the white boxes they will light up. When you mouse over the letters they will have 3d rotations and when you rollover only some specific letters, they will flip some specific boxes.

I have all this working now with some problems which I hope you’ll be able to help me figure out how to solve them.

Right now what happens is, when you mouse over the boxes with letters on them, the letters will rotate but the box will not light up. This is because I have created the box movieclip, with the invisible button inside it, and then just duplicated it in my scene to create a tile. But the invisible button for the letters are on the scene,so it’s kinda overriding it.

when I tried having the buttons on the scene rather than inside the movie clip, what happened is when you roll over one of the boxes, all of them will animate.

To sum it up:
1-i want to able to have multiple instances of a movieclip on my stage but only the one that is rolled over will animate.
2-i also want to be able to play another movie clip when rolled over the same button. (like text movieclip for rotation)
3-when rolled over a button I want a few of my boxes to flip, so I want to gotoAndPlay a specific frame of the same movie clip, but not for all the movieclips on my stage. So can I group the ones that will flip, in a way in actionscript, give them a class?? I really have no idea!

My knowledge in action script is very basic, that’s why I can’t figure it out myself.

I hope I was able to make myself clear, if not I will try attaching my files.

Thanks in advance!!