Doubt with Instances

[font=Arial]Hi there, maybe this is easy and I’m stupid, but let me try to explain:

I’ve a main movie, for example, this movie has 3 buttons, in each button there’s a MovieClip in the Over area, for example button1 contains a MovieClip with some animation, this clip has an Instance name clip1_mc, ok, untill this, everything it’s ok, the effect it’s easy to achieve, when I rollover my mouse over that button, the clip called clip1_mc starts to play, piece of cake, the problem is this, what happens if I call an extrenal .SWF, this .SWF contains a simple button, when I rollover this button I want to play my clip inside in my button in my main Movie, I cannot do this, I was trying with something like this:

on (rollOver) {;

but this is not working, I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t see what is, any help?, any idea?

thanks [/font]

hmm that just kind of confused me. could you post an .fla to look at?

Hi, the file it’s about 300k and I cannot upload that size, do you have an email address?, mine is [email protected], thanks for the help

Thanks, anyway, I did two examples, thanks dude…

you can use Movieclip instance instead of Button.
Eg: you cannot play a movieclip inside a button. like ";

but if you use mc as a button you can use this onRollover ( or any action you like) for the button of the loaded .swf as follows


ok, thanks, but what happens with the ActionScript I have in that button?, if I change the property from button to movieclip, I’ll lost all the AS I think, now it’s 12.02 am and I’m desperate…

pleasesee the attachment


Thanks Nishanthe, you’re the man!