Worst day of my life




if your bike being stolen really is the worst day of your life…I envy you :thumb:

Why RB? Did you lose someone in your family or something?

he’s got a good point, my like best friend that I’ve known forever is moving away forever in a month, probably for me to never see in real life again

considering bmx is my life, it is the worst day of my life, most of my friends i’ve met through riding…anyways…i did report it to the police…i’m sure they don’t care…but if they happen to come across it they’d get it…i’ve been walking around…checked all around my house no luck…later i’m going to the ‘ghetto’, tons of stolen bikes end up there…

just don’t forget to bring your nine :wink:

I swear to God, I’d bust out a shotgun, and walk down a couple blocks looking for it. I would question the kids I knew in the neighborhood, and raise some serious hell. %@#$ that. I’d go gang busters on those ghetto fools. They want my bike? I’ll be coming back with a scalp!! :wink:

Sorry to hear about yr bike. I sorta had a similar thing happen to me, but my 125cc scooter got knicked outside my work. And of all days it happened there was a train strike in London, so i ended up walking 1 hour to a station that was open. I ended up doing a 3 1/2 hour journey instead of 30 mins. I reported it to the police and they didn’t care a single bit, luckly i got paid out through the insurance thou.

Put up signs that say “Lost: $1,000 dollar bike | Reward: Me not killing you.(the guy who took it)”

I saw this in a movie - I think it was Pee-Wee Herman.

Put up a sign that says that whoever gets your bike back gets 2000 dollars. Whoever brings it back must be the thief :pleased:.

Rab is right… If your bike getting stolen is the worst things that’s ever happend to you, then you are lucky.

But that still REALLY sucks. My scooter got stolen by this retarded kid who lives near me… but i stole it back.

well, maybe the worst thing thats happened to me was breaking my hip while riding my beloved bike…so if i can obtain a new bike in less then 2 months…perhaps this will be the second worst thing ever…

I’m about 10 hours into one of the worse days of my life. Take this as a community awareness message. Too much drinking is not a good thing. I’ve slepped half in the bathroom and half in my bedroom. I can’t even keep water down without having to throw up again…

…When you’re of legal age… Drink Responsibly! Not like uncle Ethan.

P.S. Bummer about your bike.

Yeah Reefster I’ve lost family members, pretty tough when that happens. Unfortunately it’s something we’ve all got to go through, eventually.