One of the best days of my life!

so today, i was going to watch the 2-hip tour at the local skatepark here, so anyways, i needed a ride so i called my friend/owner the park/owner of the bmx shop…anyways…he needed to pick some stuff up at a grocery store before we went out to the park…so we’re driving by…we see this kid on this baby blue bmx bike, but we just drove by, then keith was like…lets go back and follow him just for $hitz and gigglez…so we’re parallel to him…i look over, all my parts on the bike…so we pulled over…walked up to him…he prob didn’t know what was going on…

I was just like what the F* are you doing on my bike, i wanted to beat him up…but keith was just like ‘remain calm’…anyways, we called the police, they came and arrested him, i took my bike, and i’m going to live happily ever after…the theives painted it baby blue, it used to be red…but it looks pretty decent, they even put on some nicer grips than i had…but they stole my pegs…haha

the end :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :hugegrin:

eh good to hear… :thumb:

glad to hear it :thumb:

That’s awesome news man :slight_smile:

It’s always good when no good a-holes get what’s coming to them. GLad to hear you got some better grips :thumb:

Next time, sick Fester on em!

what happened to the kid, was he a juvenile? did he go to juvi or just get a warning or something?

well the kid that had claims he bought it off who ever stole it…he’ll prob end up in trouble for recieving stolen property and criminal mischief for painting it…(wich actually looks nice :hugegrin: )…he could get a break though if he would say who actually stole it…