Would it be too wrong!?

frame 1: base/background movie \r…roll on to frame10: loadmovie @ level 1 with setproperty alpha = 60\r…roll on to frame20: loadmovie @ level 2 with setproperty alpha = 40\r…roll on to frame30: loadmovie @ level 3 with setproperty alpha = 20\r\ri want to be able to see the BackGround movies too to get that motion trail effect…the movie plays and the various movies do get loaded but i don’t see anything behind them!..where am i going wrong?

I don’t know if you can set the _alpha of a level, try to do the same thing ; not with loadMovieNum for a level, but with loadMovie into an empty target clip, then attach an onClipEvent (data), this._alpha = 60 to it, so the property change gets executed only when the content is fully loaded in.