Writing a Tutorial

I’m thinking of writing a tutorial, it needs to be about something fairly easy, any ideas?

If no one has any, I’m just going to do gradients lol :smiley:

Could you write a tutorial on how to write tutorials?

isn’t there one already :stuck_out_tongue: lol?


u could write a tutorial on how to search for the tutorial on how to write tutorials. hee hee. You could write a tut on html tables and how to center and use percents to stretch images…blah blah…so I can stop geting requests for that…Somewhere along the line I got dubbed the html table king.

i could do that :slight_smile:

what would you like me to cover?
just 100% borders, absolute middle, and stretching stuff?
should be pretty straightforward, I think I’ll start on a tutorial for how to do it in Dreamweaver tomorrow

thanks for the idea :slight_smile: