Writing data to a text file

How can i write data to a text file like user’s score, date & last frame visited etc…
can the file to be written to an unix environment.
Please help!!!

Write where? Your server or the user’s computer?

pom :cyclops:

user’s computer

would you allow someone access to write files to your computer?

It’s a security issue… not possible… :-\


I think this is a diff issue. If u dont write file to user’s pc then how will u keep track of his record like scoring & all…
its a standard feature which is used in all WBT & CBTs

Then I do not know, sorry.

Personally, I would not allow anything to run on my computer that needs permission to write to my hard drive (other than cookies, in a browser situation).

Unless I am totally off track. If so I appologize in advance.

I assume that the scores are set with a variable, and then reading that variable, but I am just assuming. :cool:


high scores for multiple users are generally kept server side. if you want only the high score for the user in question, client side will work fine.

for client side writing, look into shared objects

There’s a tute on this site too. :slight_smile:

thanks guys!!!
i will try…
I have to put user’s score & last frame visited on his PC so that next time when he logs in he can start from that frame & able to see his last score.