Writing to a txt file?

I’ve got all these flash books, yet not one of them tells me if it’s possible to write to a txt file. They show how to read from a txt file using loadVariables(), but not the reverse. I’m guessing it can be done.

I believe that it can be. I’m working on that idea myself as I have a web site that does not have any database and needs to store some information for things like a questbook. If I discover anything I’ll let you know.

easiest thing in the world using php!\rcheck the beta-chatroom (available on flashkit, called lyonsChat i believe), it’s using a simple txt, updated with every post…\r\reyezberg.free.fr/chat/eyezChat.html

thanks man… I’ve been looking for this for a few days now.

You online, Upu?!\rOriginal site is here: www.flashbuilder.ch/

I am online. :slight_smile:

I think it’s possible with undocumented AS functions. Something like fscommand(“save”,“file.txt”) but I’m not sure at all how to use that.\r\rpom 0]

Depends if it’s on or offline…i think…

Okay, atleast it can be done. I currently have a free chat-room, but I want to make my own, so I can add a little display telling people how many are in the room, before they log on.

So why do you want to write to a text file for ?\r\rpom 0]

Well for a start, I’d have to write to a file, so the messages can be displayed on the screen for everyone on their computer to see. After all, Flash can’t directly send variables to another flash file on another computer. That’s what the txt file is for.\r\rThe chatroom would open up on a seperate browser window, when users click the link on. I want another flash prog to keep track of how many people are in the chatroom. So when they goto my ezboard, before they open up the chatroom to see who’s in there, they can see it straight away.\r\rTrust me, I make sense to myself. :slight_smile:

OK, OK…\r\rpom 0]