Www.com linkage?

My web site (flash movie) is completely finished and uploaded to my ftp server -


how do I link these files to open when someone types in www.caresmarketing.com???

ps… I have notified the registry company to link the domain name to the ftp server. All that’s left is for it to recognize what file to open. Is it a command in Flash MX I must use on the index.fla file? Can’t find an answer… please help

When you buy domain space, it will (USUALLY) go to an index.html as default. They (the server) will (USUALLY) put in an index.html file while you get yours up. That’s the file that they will (USUALLY) give to you. You need to replace the index.html file for it to work.
Good luck!

it aint a command in flash mx just open up ur index.html and whack ur flash movie into it

 width="600" height="400" id="main1" align="top">
          <param name=movie value="your movie.swf">
          <param name=quality value=best>
          <param name=scale value=noborder>
          <param name=salign value=R>
          <param name=bgcolor value=#999999>
          <embed src="your movie.swf" quality=best scale=noborder salign=R bgcolor=#999999  width="600" height="400" align="top"
 type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer"> 
          </embed> </object></td>"

put all ur stuff in and ur away bgcolours and stuff

hey nova! How large is tat footer? Where’d ya get the head thingie? :slight_smile:
and I know the 3d cubes are exactly the ones at flashkit.com! so don’t even think about lying! :stuck_out_tongue: