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hey there!

I just made a website for a company. It is nearly finished, except for the text and small details. Would you please check it and give your comments/remarks/tips/critics/money/…


this is the website


deze site staat ook op flashfocus.nl heb daar al commentaar gegeven!

lampe - not at all bad site, but got off to a very bad start :a:

Pet hate of mine is full screen websites; my monitor is set to 1600X1200 and firstly any full screen site looks silly and secondly, there is no way any website should ever need that amount of space - so don’t take it; it is not yours; it’s mine. :scream: :a:

i totaly agree with cello, but i would like to add that i’m not a very big fan of introsthe site looks cool

should it be better if I give the viewer the choice between Fullscreen and not?

ps: there is a ‘skip’-button… hehe


I think it would be better business practice to offer the choice for full screen or not. :thumb:

I always use 790 * 415 they may never choose! en no intro i would build a button for the intro in a menu if they would like to see it they can choose it

790 * 415 is alway good for 800 x 600 and for 1024 x 768

It would be better lampe if you did not make the logo of the site static and not flash based. Since it is just a rollover, use javascript. It is also a good option to put two options for normal screen (browser window size) and fullscreen.

thanks for the tips. I’ll change the start-page so you can choose between fullscreen and not…

anything good about it? :q:
any critics about the design? :q:
what should you change? :q:



Well the menu is a little confuseing because the poistions of the items change. I forget where I have been. So some kind of visited “sign” would be cool :slight_smile:
in other news: :thumb:

I thought the design was pretty strong, I wasn’t crazy about all the sounds you had in the intro though. An example being the sounds when the different parts of the store fade in.
Also, the images in the circles, are they products? I thought that was sort of fuzzy too.
As far as the menu I can agree that it could get confusing. Why not make each part of the menu go back to its original spot instead of on top?
And I think the text on your contact page may be a little fuzzy.
Pretty nice looking though.

you should ALWAYS let the viewer have the choice between full screen or not.

thats not a bad site, pretty cool, transitions are pretty neat, but asthetically it seems a bit plain to me, but maybe thats what you are going for, minimalism. If that is the case, there is no need for full screen.

But nice job anyhow…

Is that music Kruder and Dorfmeinster? If so, do you have permission to use it? (that info may be in the site, but I can’t read what ever language it’s in).


I love it! SOTW for sure!

I’ve changed it, so you have the choice wether you want fullscreen or not.

Does anybody know where I can find royalty-free music (lounge-stuff)?

thanks for the tips!


good, royalty free music? I think that’s an oxymoron… you can get some kind of ambient loops and what not, at… dare I say it… flashkit.com

i liked the site…good start