Www.neostream.com effect

on www.neostream.com in the ‘skill’ section theres an earthquake effect does anyone know how i could create it

They probably used a program like Swift3D or something like that to animate it. Either way it is just good animating skills.

yeah i think its just really realy good frame by frame animation.

yup, prerendered

but man that effect looks sooo good.

omg, the skill section animation is amazing! I could just watch it again and again! weee! =)

That’s pretty cool!! I noticed that if you goto ‘showroom’ and put the words ‘source code’ on the anvil, it says that the website’s original source codes are available for download after purchase. Don’t know if that means what they did in flash, or what, but if it’s worth money to ya…

Theres really been a lot of advancement on the site. If youve seen it in its first incarnation and its current (.8) state, the change is pretty crazy, though, IMHO, not always worth the hit in bandwidth :wink: