Just finishing up a redesign. Any thoughts?

Nice. Very professionally done. Nothing amateur-looking about this at all.
Great work :smiley:

I’m not digging the background. I mean when I go to a site I like to look at stuff and that wood just isn’t interesting enough for me. How about instead of hiding all the content, maybe intergrate the look you have going with the web developement section.

The content and the work that you have done has be done greatly. The interface looks great but it does not fit with the background however. It would be better if the bg was just a plain color such as grey or something. Because the menu interface is just a normal color as well, this would compliment your work by its blend with a normal bg color. Cheers.

saweeet, love it! Just the comment on the others but, i personally feel that the background of the tree blends nicely with the orange and brown cause if u look at the bark on the tree, it has a shade of orange in it, so its really nice i think, the blue provides a smooth contrast so …heck, 10/10 from me :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome work…