Www.sherylcrow.com motion path?

Need to develop a similiar header to http://www.sherylcrow.com. When the first page loads, it appears to draw shapes, the winding effect that reveals a picture beneath it, is that a motion path? It looks like a combination of masking and motion.

Can someone share with me how to accomplish this effect?

Thanks in advance!


ah, sheryl crow, I love some of her music…

anyways, all you need is an animated mask that moves to show more of the picture

Yes, search “tweened mask” and you’ll come up with some clues. I’ve seen people asking about this before with some sample flas provided.

well, its one image, then the effect reveals another image. I dont necessarily need the reveal portion. Just the way that animates is what I am looking for. How?

Multiple mask layers, reveal the complex shape. Simple tweening :/. I don’t know how else to explain it, but if you know how to mask, it should be really simple.

ok, that sounds good!

Well I’m assuming you know how to use masks.

By the look of it, those stripey shapes that reveal whats under can’t be used by motion tweens - but more like shape tweens.

I’d use frame-by-frame. Just make the shape at frame 1, then add a FRAME (not key) at 20. Then select 1 - 20 and press F6 to convert all to frames. Then from frame 20, go backwards and erase a little by little from 19 til you hit 0 and then there’s nothing left. Then mask over image :).

Heres an example I made really quickly - mind the bugs (if there is any).


Hope you understand now :).

  • Sharif