I’m curious how this even resembles a tutorial?


Same here? This wouldn’t be {shocked!} shameless self-promotion would it =)

Kirupa :rambo:

It doesn’t TEACH the viewer anything, and they have to pay for the assembled animation.

Considering this is a board to learn flash, I find it odd how this would be a place to promote a site that makes flash animations for people. Considering you wouldn’t be learning flash if you were paying for an animation made by someone else.

Just an opinion…don’t mind me.

If you are not so good to create your own flash animation, know that there is someone who will give you the possibility to use flash animation, while you are learning macromedia flash software . So, see : http://www.sophistronix.com


I was just scanning over the forums doing a few posts, and I realized that you made this exactly same post another few times elsewhere as well?

(both in the same forum mind you and right beside each other)

:-\ Maybe tone it down a notch or two…


P.S - cool sites (from my knowledge anyways) is where we post cool sites (yes) that are exceptional and are trying for the site of the week. I didn’t really get the impression that’s what you were gunning for :stuck_out_tongue: Then again… maybe it’s just me.

I have deleted your other two posts and soon to be this one in a few hours!

This is just a warning for now but only post a topic like this in the ‘Site Check’ forum instead of spamming up the forum which is utterly annoying to everyone and will not be tolerated!