found this site through a google search and this board sounded
like a good place to get some outside opinions of my site among
other things… my main form of art used to be pen and ink, but
if you visit the link below, you will find that much of my attention
has shifted…



I would have to say that your backrounds are very impressive and overall cool site.


WoW, that a sweet site like iceman said, I love the 3D Renders, which program you use, 3D Studio Max? What sites did you use as resources to learn those effects and how to render such a prefect material to your objects, or is it a plugin raytrace?

i use 3ds max 4.2 and photoshop 7 for all of my images. the material
is actually a raytraced material so that would explain why the reflection
is so clear. sometimes i use poser for figure models because i could
never model something like that on my own yet…

thanks for the comments on my renders and wallpapers. here’s
a little something ive been working on for the past 3 days. its
called Hyperbole.

800x600 - 163k
1024x768 - 237k
1280x1024 - 346k

i uploaded an inverted verison of this if a dark look is not quite your
taste or if you’re a bit curious.

My gosh!..The artwork is GREAT!..I can’t find myself in 3DSM, so when i see that i get all frustrated…But I have to recognize that it is absolultely marvelous…

For the site, I believe that u could integrate a lot of the designs u have to make an even more impressive presentation of your work…

yeah, ive been trying to incorperate more of my design into the website
but its going to take awhile.

thanks for the comments…