XML Attribute into Flash

I’m very new to XML incorporated into Flash and I have a very simple question of how to retrieve an attribute from my xml file and give it a variable name in flash.

Here’s my xml:

<gallery timer="8" order="sequential" fadetime="2" looping="yes" movie_type="1" video_path="video/dunn.flv" skin_path="video/silver.swf">
<image path="images/pic01.jpg" [COLOR=Red]xspeed="1" yspeed="0"[/COLOR] />
<image path="images/pic02.jpg" [COLOR=Red]xspeed="-1" yspeed="0"[/COLOR]/>
<image path="images/pic03.jpg" [COLOR=Red]xspeed="2" yspeed="0"[/COLOR]/>
<image path="images/pic04.jpg" [COLOR=Red]xspeed="-2" yspeed="0"[/COLOR]/>

Here’s my AS calling the XML:

// load xml
images_xml = new XML();
images_xml.onLoad = parse;

function parse(success) {
    if (success) {
        imageArray = new Array();
        var root = this.firstChild;
        _global.numPause = Number(this.firstChild.attributes.timer * 1000);
        _global.order = this.firstChild.attributes.order;
        _global.looping = this.firstChild.attributes.looping;
        _global.fadetime = Number(this.firstChild.attributes.fadetime);
        _global.movie_type = this.firstChild.attributes.movie_type;
        _global.video_path = this.firstChild.attributes.video_path;
        _global.skin_path = this.firstChild.attributes.skin_path;
        var imageNode = root.lastChild;
        var s=0;
        while (imageNode.nodeName != null) {
            imageData = new Object;
            imageData.path = imageNode.attributes.path;
[COLOR=Red]             imageData.xspeed = imageNode.attributes.xspeed;
            imageData.yspeed = imageNode.attributes.yspeed;[/COLOR]
            imageNode = imageNode.previousSibling;
        // parse array
    } else {

The stuff in red in the xml are the variables that I’m trying to call into flash. The red in the AS is my attempt to get it, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Well it works, but I guess I don’t know how to call for the variable imageData.xspeed.

I’ve tried:

_global.xspeed = dataImage.xspeed;

I keep getting undefined though.

For background purposes, this is for an image slideshow. The images are being called into a movieclip for a period of time. I want to put some slight movement on that movieclip to give it some effect. For each image I want to push the movieclip up, down, left, or right for the period of time that that image is visible. I have all that done, and I just need to call in these little variables from the xml, but I just can’t seem to get it.

Please help and thanx in advance!