XML attribute to Dynamic Text Box

Hi, I am trying to dynamically add titles to boxes from XML.
My boxes are named block1, block2 etc
my XML Contents follow
<clip link=“test1”/>
<clip link=“test2”/>
<clip link=“test3”/>

My code is as follows (including all the typical XML initiates):

function loadXML(loaded){
    if (loaded) {
        xmlNode = this.firstChild.childNodes;
        total = xmlNode.length;
    for(i=0; i<total; i++){
        description = xmlNode*.attributes.link;
        block*.title_txt.text = description;      
    } else {
        trace("file not loaded!");

if I remove the for Loop, and make i=1 , and trace xmlNode*… Then I get “test2”. All seems good.
Now I want that “test2” to be placed in the dynamic text field of block*, which has an aptly named “title_txt” dynamic txt field instance name.

Why does it not place the text in the text field when I run it?