XML Attributes using XSL

Anyone have any suggestions on some XSL I can write to pull the data out of the nodes using the attributes for each node? I’m trying to get the data between <Answer></Answer> using the attributes through XSL.

[INDENT]I know it’s ugly, it’s what I have to work with, and I’m out of ideas. :hitman2:
<Answer firstName=“FName”>asdfa</Answer>
<Answer lastName=“LName”>asdf</Answer>
<Answer userEmail=“Email”>asdf</Answer>
<Answer userFeedback=“Description”>asdf sdfsdf</Answer>
<Answer firstName=“FName”>r</Answer>
<Answer lastName=“LName”>r</Answer>
<Answer userEmail=“Email”>fgfgf</Answer>
<Answer userFeedback=“Description”>fgfg</Answer>