XML categories and an infinite gallery problems: Source files and KITTENS!

Hi all,

I’m new, obviously, and unfortunately I need to make my entrance by asking a question since I am quite stumped.

I saw the resizing image gallery thread, and found it amazingly helpful. Here is the thing: I am trying to make a gallery that loads from an XML file that has 5 categories of pictures (much like the ‘V3 with thumbs scrolled’ version that was posted). However, I am trying to make the menu an infinite instead of a scroll.

Obviously, since each category of images has a different length, the infinite menu needs to reload each time and be of a different length. I thought I had done this correctly, but apparently not. Because it just sits there.

Oh, and I’ve switched out all the pictures for pictures of kittens. Just because.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Here is the link to the zip file