XML Feeds and FLV's

I’ve just started a new job when I notice on the website we have we’re showing videos using Media Player. I ask, why don’t use Flash player instead. One of the other developers agrees with me and then asks

“How about we use an XML feed?”

What the hell is an XML feed and how can it be used to show videos in Flash?

In the past I worked on a page that had a flash player and based on a value in the page, the player would show one of 3 videos. It would get the location of these videos (flv’s) from an XML file on the server. SO if the value was 2, it would go to the XML file and pull the URL for the video with an id of 2. Then it would show that FLV in the Player.

How would this function differently from an XML feed?

Appreciate any help, thanks :beam: