HELP! Flash and XML photo gallery-WITHOUT the thumbnails?


I’m trying to build a illustration portfolio website in flash mx with an external xml file.
And I’ve been following alot of different tutorials but I’ve noticed that all of them has the thumbnail image buttons linked to the big jpg images.

BUT I’d like to use numbers instead of the thumbnails as a version of submenu from the main menu and was hoping if anyone could have an answer for this.

So to give a brief explanation,
under the one of the main menu button,‘portfolio’ there will be 3 submenus called ‘bookA’ ‘bookB’ ‘bookC’,
which will have about 5-15 images under each of these submenus( and this is where I would like to use the numbers instead of using thumbnail images).

Like below,


L ‘bookA’
L image1.jpg
L image2.jpg…etc

L ‘book B’
L image1.jpg
L image2.jpg
L image3.jpg
L image4.jpg…etc

So If the user clicks the main menu portfolio, the submenu bookA to bookC shows up and when they click each of the submenu button, numbers (1 2 3 4 …etc)of the images shows up as buttons to load the big jpgs.

I was wondering if there’s any way to do this with the action script(like positioning the submenu buttons to different places(below the logo, not below the main menu), and using numbers for the buttons)? and also
What is the best way to edit my XML file in order to have the submenu content?

Is this way too complicated and should i just give up:d: ?

I know little about the action script and so if anyone has the knowledge pleeease help.

Thank you!!!