XML Guestbook with PHP

HELLO!! I just have a tiny question for you…
I did the tutorial XML Guestbook with PHP , GREAT TUT by the way!!
Now I was wondering if I could change the color on the “name” output text. The “name” gets bold with the <b></b> tag in the actionscript , but I want it to have a different color also. Is this possible?? I tried with som <font color="#FFF000"></font> tags in the actionscript , but I just recived errors.

Please help me and my guestbook…

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]for (i=(firstItem-1); i>= lastItem; i–){
myGuestbook.htmlText += “<B>” + this.firstChild.childNodes*.attributes.myName + "</B> wrote:
myGuestbook.htmlText += this.firstChild.childNodes*.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue + "

} [/COLOR]