Xml image gallery


Firstly, I’ve done a search on this forum and other websites. But haven’t found the solution I am looking for.

I am trying to build a flash slideshow that uses XML to call up images and text captions. I’ve found a good example of what I am looking for on macromedia’s website. found here:


I would like to add the ability to fade between images and have a button that creates a larger jpg version in a popup window for whatever image is being displayed as current in the slideshow.

can someone point me to a nice tutorial or help me start off in the right direction? Would I need 2 XML files for this or can I just use one? I prefer one. Sorry I am quite new to XML, this is my first foray into it. I can build this thing w/o XML, but it seems to be so much easier if I did it with XML.

thanks for any help.