Xml multi-categories gallery w/t masked images sequence

I’m trying to do somenthing similar at this site with some adding :
, but lately i decided to release free full source (I dont know if will be usefull to someone…), a sort of ‘open-source’, because my AS skillfull has limits … the collettive can help.

Just, … if someone can optimize or improve it, or find some bugs, just the correctness to release it at attention of the forum.

Its a gallery generated from xml, use Caurina Tweener , As2 Player 8, (naturally to test it better see it online or with the test Movie).

Basically i didnt improved yet the moving part (passage from a gallery to another), that its not my main goal, but im trying to optimize all the other functionality.

*Some parts i trying to improve are:

1 - Some problems with stopping and restarting the automatic-slideshow (with the buttons Stop/Play Slideshow or/and clicking on thumbs) (the clock react strange … to check better)

2 - Clicking on thumbs when the mask over the image still moving, reacts not so smootly, should be better that after click, the mask over the image finish to slide, and at the end load the new image? or other solutions? …

*Example : Link
All file are here: **Link **
About Caurina Tweener : **Link

**:m: I see also sometime a little bug … at the start or when theres a gallery change, at the first image opening, the mask open in strange way … open for 15 - 20 %, then return at 0 %, then re-open normally to 100 % (or 50 + 50 if doble is 1…)

Just a question … someone can help me to optimize this applications ? … also if i have to pay a fee for that, please contact me … im getting crazy to make it stable …