XML, onLoad-function: retrieve the fliename?

I have a problem.

Okay, so that’s nothing new, really- but I also have a problem with processing XML :lol:

I have 4 XML files that are to be loaded- and I would prefer to use the same XML-handler for all of them… mostly because they all have the same structure and I have a function attached to the “onLoad” of the handler so it would be convenient.

Now here’s the problem- they all need to load in a row- and the result of the data retrieved from each of them needs to go into 4 different arrays. How can I tell the function which array to fill with the data… since all files “look” the same, really.

[AS]var xml_channel:XML = new XML();
xml_channel.ignoreWhite = true;
xml_channel.onLoad = loadXMLchannel;

Is there a way how the “loadXMLchannel”-function can tell (or be told) which file it’s currently processing? Would it be advisable to load all 4 files at once or make a function that handles the loading?

I really don’t know how to best go about this… I hope you can help :slight_smile: