XML Photogallery with loading thumbs?

I was looking at the photo gallery you can find atthis place and was wondering if there is possible to add something similar to preload the thumbs on my gallery? should have been mutch nicer then just get the thumbs poping up like that…

Im using Sirenetta1’s edited version of Senocular’s XML Porfolio. The one Scotty help with. Im doing some modifications on the layout, and ran into som problems:

  1. when I try to make the thumbs bigger (90"x90"), the thumb_spacing in _y disapears. The only space i can change is the one in _x way. I think I have to do somethiing with this code:
currentThumb_mc._x = 5+(i%columns)*(thumb_spacing+5);
		currentThumb_mc._y = 5+Math.floor(i/columns)*thumb_spacing;
  1. By making the thumbs bigger I would like them to have a preloader bar that shows that the thumbs are loading. I’ve also tryed write and paste code allover (coz im a newibe on programing). Its the same problem when I’ve hit the thumbs, and want the pic to load in the big mc, Im missing a preloader.
    Maybe something like this:
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
	filesize = picture.getBytesTotal();
	disp_size = filesize + " kb";
	loaded = picture.getBytesLoaded();
	preloader._visible = true;
	if (loaded != filesize) {
		preloader.preload_bar._xscale = 100*loaded/filesize;
	} else {
		preloader._visible = false;
		if (picture._alpha<100) {
			picture._alpha += 10;

Im not that smart :(, so I would be forever greatful if i got help :thumb: