Xml poll

<SEPHIROTH_POLL TITLE="This is cool Man::">
   <POLL QUESTION="HOw do you like this poll?">
   <AN NUMBER="1" VOTES="2" COLOR="0,51,0">Great work man!</AN>
<AN NUMBER="2" VOTES="2" COLOR="0,102,0">Yes i like it!</AN>
<AN NUMBER="3" VOTES="3" COLOR="0,153,0">xml sucks what is it used</AN>
<AN NUMBER="4" VOTES="1" COLOR="0,204,0"> love it</AN>
<AN NUMBER="5" VOTES="11" COLOR="0,255,0"> hate it</AN>

here is some xml from the sephiroth xml poll. can anyone tell me what the yscale means. also does anyone know what the cookie number is based off. it was set at 3600 i think when i downloaded it.

i am sure it would be hard to answer these questions without the flash file here is the link to the download

thanks for the help

I just opened the FLA file and there was this block of code…

if(submain*.nodeName == 'YSCALE')
	main_scale = Number(submain*.firstChild.nodeValue)
if(submain*.nodeName == 'COOKIE')
	cookie_time = Number(submain*.firstChild.nodeValue)

and I guess main_scale is the scale value of the movieClip called main in frame 11…
and the cookie_time is the value that you pass to PHP when used in setcookie() function in config.php file… :slight_smile: