XML Quiz with correct answers, Array HELP Needed!


I am needing to put together a really simple flash Quiz for this project I am working on
and I am having a hell of a time figuring out a few key aspects.

I have done and “modified” a really nice tutorial an the Flash and Math site.

but there are 2-3 things in particular that I can not figure out how to do.

  1. when working with an array and an xml file, how can I assign the “correct” answer if a user selected the wrong option.
    ideally I would love it to say for example " sorry, Egyptians was the correct answer" but would settle for " sorry, 3 was the correct answer"
    if that is easier to arrange within an array.

  2. how can I make it so it marks your first answer and only your first answer (as opposed to how it is now where if you guessed wrong you can keep on guessing
    until it is right and it will notice the right answer and ignore the wrong)?

I think those are the 2 major things I could really use some help with.

sorry this whole way of thinking is new to me
I have been struggling to learn how to build visually based sites. when this task came in front of me
and I really know very little about this “game” type of thinking much less in an xml context

thanks for your help.

files attachedhere