Xml Quiz return different txt on right/wrong response

First let me start by saying I am new to XML in AS
and second I am adapting a AS2 file however my limited knowledge of AS is with AS3.
so sorry if I am asking dumb questions.

** What I need **
I have a XML Quiz that I have customized to fit my needs perfectly.
I would like the text field to load different text depending on if the user answers correct/incorrect.
this needs to be set up in the XML file so I can change and customize it.

I have tried many different things and as of now have had no luck.
a. I tried to alter the array to add an “wrong” attribute and then added a <wrong> line in with the questions in the xml
b. I created a dynamic wrong_txt box that is inside of the results_mc which I had hoped would link with the wrong data in the xml.

I noted all of the things I changed from the working file with a //****** note
if someone would be kind enough to look at this and tell me what I am doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

I have attached a file with my fla and my xml
thank you